When you open Facebook and your friend is dead

Bruce in Santa Fe

Like most people, I open Facebook too much as it is. This afternoon, I opened it to read — It is with a broken heart that I write here that my dad – Bruce Cady – passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Level 1: incomprehension. I looked to see who had made the post. I didn’t recognize…

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Can you help me make a good story great?

Can you help me make a good story great? A few months ago, I set myself a deadline of today to get a draft of the manuscript for Ordinary Magic to willing readers. Nothing like a deadline to concentrate the mind! But with three days to go, I began wholesale reconstruction of Part II of the manuscript…

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How to Sew a Book Together, in 767 Simple Steps

Hi, and welcome! About two weeks ago, I set a deadline for getting the manuscript for Ordinary Magic to readers. That – and the totally gratifying response of my friends, both longtime and actual as well as never-met-before and virtual — has been a HUGE motivator. So too is the feeling that I’m closing in. Compared…

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