Be an Extraordinary Ordinary Magician!

It takes a village to get a book and its messages out into the world. If you believe in Ordinary Magic or its themes and messages, please do me the honor of joining the Advance Team for its launch. What are its themes? There are many, but here are a few:

  • In the West, America in particular, we avoid the subject of death - with the result that we don't live or die well, or grasp the importance of helping our loved ones to the other side.
  • Everyone deserves to have someone walk with them on the hardest journeys.
  • Love is not a verb, as Inge would say. Love is as love does. And love in action is an inspiring and powerful force.
  • Any pilgrimage or path, done mindfully, can bring you into a better relationship with yourself. And often others as well.
  • Medical marijuana reduces avoidable human suffering. To deny the suffering a harmless substance is immoral.
  • Healthy food means longer, less cancer-filled lives.


Author Cameron PowellSign up for the Advance Team at the bottom of the page and you'll (1) get a free copy of Ordinary Magic, (2) join meaningful conversations with me and other members about things that matter, and (3) learn how we can work together to create something exciting out of the book and its message.


What’s the fine print, you ask? Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You’ll get the book without charge.
  2. Read it soon after receipt and give me feedback. I'll also ask a few questions about your experience.
  3. Right after the book’s launch on Amazon, if you like the book, I'll ask you to give it an honest review.
  4. If you like it, I hope you'll share O.M. on social media.
  5. You'll remain a trusted advisor as the book reaches other media, such as podcast, film, and more!