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Trying to market a book using traditional channels - PR, TV,

Cameron Powell - Author at Work

Cameron Powell - Author at Work

radio, print ads - is prohibitively expensive for a self-published author. Though I haven't decided how to publish just yet, even at a traditional publisher, only a handful of authors benefit from an adequate marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, only if I can sell enough copies of this book can I continue to write full-time. And I've got even more ambitious plans, including finishing a trilogy of historical novels (loosely, on religion) that I've researched and worked on for about seven years.

What makes all that possible? 

  1. Your positive (4- and 5-star) reviews (you can submit yours below)
  2. On Amazon (in particular, but others matter too)
  3. Having bought or reviewed similar books


Ordinary Magic book coverLeave your review below, even just a draft of it. Before the launch, I'll send your review to you and ask if you would still like to post it on Amazon. You can say no. You can resort to extortion. You can also change the review.

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Themes and Genres

travelogue travel
love story
mother-son relationship
Camino de Santiago

ovarian cancer
patient empowerment
alternative treatments
medical marijuana
cannabis oil

Non-fiction, Love, Illness

Being Mortal
The Emperor of all Maladies
The Year of Magical Thinking
When Breath Becomes Air
The Way We Were
Brian's Song
Love Story
The Fault in Our Stars

end of life
death and dying
death positivity
hospice care

Memoir and Travel

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
Wild - Cheryl Strayed
Liar's Club | Lit: A Memoir - Mary Karr
Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt
Neither Here Nor There | A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson
Under the Tuscan Sun - Frances Mayes
The Pilgrimage - Paolo Coelho


And others you've read!

More Memoirs and Tearjerkers

Big Magic
Final Gifts
The Notebook
"West Side Story"
Prince of Tides
"Field of Dreams"
The Alchemist
Dark Star Safari
Homage to Catalonia
Stop Time
West With the Night

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