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I've begun reading and cannot stop. My heart is right on the trail, and then in the room, with Cameron and Inge. I’m charmed by Inge -- how effervescent she is! -- and by her knight-in-shining-armor son, who writes beautifully about the apple of his eye.
Laura Coffin
Writer, lawyer
The most painfully honest and therefore true thing I have read in a long while.
Rachel Mariner
Playwright and author, “Bill Clinton Hercules”
Beautiful beyond words how Powell expresses everything, how strong and courageous he and his mother both are. How in awe I am of them both, how very much I love and admire Inge. This is a loving gift.
M. Musselwhite
Life Coach
Riveting and beautiful - this story needs to be out in the world.
Lisa Leslie
Writer and editor

Not just a book, it's an entire experience.

If you love travel memoirs ...

If you loved Eat Pray Love or Wild, you'll love Ordinary Magic, a funny and moving tale of a strong and courageous woman doing things her way.

It's a love story

In which a man is faced with the choice of rebuilding his career and personal life, or standing with his sick mother, just as she once did for him - and for many others. What would you do?

Love hilarious travelogues too?

Like Bill Bryson or Mark Twain? When Inge chose a 500-mile pilgrimage instead of rushing into chemo, no one knew it would be an adventure for five right out of the Wizard of Oz. A clear-eyed, irreverent look at the Camino de Santiago.

It's packed with ordinary magic!

Faced with life's most serious challenges, Inge and Cameron choose to use proven methods of increasing grit and resilience - free, easy, and extraordinarily powerful methods proven to enhance immunity, mood, and even the quality of our thinking.


Some people die without ever having really lived.

That's definitely not Inge.


Author Cameron Powell

The making of a moving memoir on the mother-son bond

Ordinary Magic covers a particularly dramatic period in my mother's life - and therefore my own. I had a sense, around the time we walked the Camino Frances, that I was in the midst of a pretty big real-life story.

In truth, I didn't know where I was going, in life or the book. I ended up throwing out most of what I'd written. It was a different story then. Death changes things. Its manner changes things. Time heals nothing except through our changing interpretations. "Ordinary Magic" is my interpretation - the story of my mother that I choose.

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